If you have just moved to Badger Hill as either a permanent resident or are accommodated in a rental property, this page will provide some useful information regarding the local facilities. We would especially encourage you to use local shops and schools as they provide the focus for life on Badger Hill (see the “Local Amenities” page for those details).

Refuse Collection

Your property will have three black/green plastic boxes: one for card and paper, one for glass, and one for plastic and metal containers. Please make sure you separate your household waste correctly to increase the potential for recycling. You will also have two large wheelie bins – a grey one for normal household waste and a green one for green waste from your garden. Collections on Badger Hill are normally on Monday mornings (from around 07:10am) so it is best to place your bins and recycling containers outside your home from 7:00pm the night before. Please note that the containers should be removed from the street as soon as possible following emptying.

The Council operates an alternate week system (grey bins only one week, and green bins plus all recycling boxes the other). All households are provided with a new collection calendar every December but, if you lose this document it can be downloaded from the Council’s website at Alternate week collections
You can also ring the Council on 01904-551551

Initially, newcomers could simply look out into the street on Sunday evening to see which bins their neighbours are putting out or ask one of their neighbours.

Hazel Court household waste recycling centre

For those people who are doing a lot of renovating or just want to get rid of some of that old stuff they have lying around then think of the tip. It may not have the best name, but the Hazel Court household waste recycling centre (more commonly know as the tip) located off James Street is here to rid you of those items you want rid of and in an environmentally friendly way. There are areas for the proper recycling of such things as wood, metal, electronics, fluorescent tubes and other things as well. If it can't be recycled then there are always the sad faced landfill bins. To get the most out of the site there are helpful and knowlegeable staff present to point you to the right bin for your waste and will even help you throw it in if you have any bulky items. There is of course nothing quite like the satisfaction of throwing large items into a giant bin and hearing them smash in that oh so satisfying manner and to know that it is being recycled as well.

The tip is open everyday from 8.30am and closes late in the summer earlier in winter and even earlier on sundays when the biggest queues are to be found so get in early if you have just done a weekend of tidying.

For more information and accurate opening times please see the Hazel Court household waste recycling centre website.

For larger items that might not fit into your car such as fridges, baths and pianos then contact the Council at Hazel Court

GP surgeries

The two GP surgeries close to Badger Hill are provided by Unity Health. Long-term residents would normally register at the Hull Road surgery and students at the Health Centre on Heslington West campus.


289 Hull Road
North Yorkshire
YO10 3LB
Tel. 01904 410294


University Health Centre
University Of York
North Yorkshire
YO10 5DD
Tel: 01904 721820

For details of out-of-hours GP services and other useful information please see the necessary details by clicking on the following link Surgeries' times

Badger Hill Pharmacy

Prescriptions and other pharmacy services are provided by Badger Hill Pharmacy. Repeat prescriptions can be ordered online (see your GP reception to obtain an account) and then collected from the pharmacy. Full details of services provided at the pharmacy (35 Yarburgh Way) can be found at the following link Badger Hill Pharmacy
The pharmacy will also be covered in more detail in the “Amenities” section of this website.

Bus services

( Up dated 9th Feb 2018 )

Excellent bus services to and from York and villages/towns to the East are provided either on Hull Road bus stops, Field Lane or on the Heslington East university campus. The closest Park and Ride service is at Grimston Bar, just beyond the B&Q store on Hull Road. For details of services, bus companies and up-to-date timetables please click on the bus number links:

Bus services along Hull Rd into York

* tickets are not transferable between the two companies

Buses through University into York

# most run along Hull Road, but a few use Field Lane and University Road

Bus from Heslington East Campus (only) to York


Bus Route Map

Route Map for 6, 66, 66a, ub1 here


North Yorkshire Police

If you need to contact the North Yorkshire Police or Police Community Support Officers (PCSO), contact details can be found at the following links:
Contact North Yorkshire Police
York City and South Neigbourhood Team